Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why We Moved

Jeff could've listed a variety of garden spots as his number one choice for where to go to school this year, but obviously the call to come home was strong. And we're so glad we did (even if I am still reeling from all the snow. God help us if we move to Alaska) - weeks like this one remind us why. I went into Lawrence on Thursday for a haircut, which is really handy since I drop the kids with Mom & Dad first. It was my mom's birthday so, after my appointment, Susan and my kids and I took Mom to lunch. Then my kids went down for naps at my parents' while I went out to get the needed supplies for the airplane sling, visit Grandma at her rehab facility and pick up Thomas from his school so he could come over and play with Wyatt. Not long after, Susan arrived with Andrew and all four kids ran around, enjoying each other's company while I got to hang out with my parents and Susan. We were having so much fun that I hardly wanted to come home, and then I realized we didn't have any plans for the weekend and that we should just go hang out.

So we did.

Sadly, we missed Thomas' debut on the Hobbit soccer team (but I hear he was awesome) and we missed Andrew's season opener, too. What can I say? Jeff rode for a couple of hours Saturday morning and I was lazy so we were slow to leave. No matter, we all caught up in the afternoon and spent our evening at Susan's, eating pizza, drinking beer, watching the kids have a grand time in the backyard on a nearly perfect Kansas evening. We eased up on Wyatt enough to allow him some solo trampoline time, as long as he promised not to jump too high; we all laughed to see how fast Andrew scrambled around Natalie to help her out of the trampoline since she was on the move with no one around to help her; we loved seeing Jeff push the boys in the power Jeep whose battery is dead; we were impressed to see Andrew push Natalie in the same car, all around the backyard, since it's not an easy task; and we especially enjoyed watching four glowsticks ping around the yard after dark, since we knew each was being toted by a dirty, sweaty, happy little kid.

This morning we wanted to find something equally entertaining, so we went to campus to feed the ducks at Potter Lake. It was really, really fun even though there were no ducks. It turns out three boys and a girl who will do anything she sees the big kids doing can have a grand time feeding turtles, looking for frogs, scaring their moms by how close they get to the water and fishing for algae.

Good times, good memories. Have to love being home!


Steph said...

How awesome! So glad you're getting the most of this extended family time. I've told my Jeff (are they always going to be "my Jeff" and "your Jeff"? Probably.) that Tyndall would be a great assignment for that reason alone . . . but then again, that reason alone keeps me wavering. :S

Susan said...

It was a pretty great weekend.

Leslie said...

Ahhhh, family :)