Thursday, June 16, 2011

Filling the Tank

I'm guessing Wyatt's love language is physical touch, in case no one else has figured that out yet. He is a child who needs lots of hugs and cuddles as affirmation so it was no surprise that he asked if we could, "please have a cuddlefest after breakfast" this morning. This was a new request, in that he's never asked for hugs quite like that, so I obliged quite happily. Imagine my delight as he curled up as tight as he could and just filled his little love tank, repeatedly telling me I am his "best mom ever." He tells me that a lot, and internally I think, "that's because I'm your only mom ever; I am also your worst, meanest, silliest, tallest, shortest and nicest mom ever."

Natalie, who is not quite as cuddly as her big brother, hovered nearby drawing to her heart's content. Wyatt told me he "doesn't really love drawing, but Natalie really does," to which I replied, "yes, and it took me a few years to figure that out." He laughed and asked if we could do a craft today. I never hear that request out of him! When I asked what he wanted to make, he informed me it would be a Eurofighter, made out of paper, glue and bleach. I have no idea where he gets this stuff and it made me laugh out loud. That, in turn, made Natalie want to join the cuddle pile and grace us with her wrinkle-faced grin.

And then I realized, maybe I'm the one who needed those cuddles this morning because it seems that sometimes I forget a couple of the greatest things in life are these two little people who choose to see me as their best mom ever. I do think I'll keep them.


Darling's said...

Sweet, sweet! Glad you are enjoying those moments!

SStites said...

Those are the most precious moments of life, and they will stay with all of you forever. You are so lucky to be able to be home with them to savor them, even when they come in the middle of the day. Things can change so quickly, and I'm just so glad you are able to savor each wonderful moment (and even the NOT so wonderful ones) with Wyatt and Natalie. Love and big hugs to all of you! And SO happy for Jeff's success in the Ironman! WOW!