Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look Alive

You've got to wake up on your toes around here. A glimpse into my morning:

Wyatt: Mom, for my birthday, I'm going to ask for an F-86.

Me: Okay, but the next big event is Christmas.

W: Oh great, well then for Christmas, I'm going to ask for an F-86 and an A-4. And you remember how Santa brought me an F-22 and an F-15 last year? He'll bring me these this year!

Me: Well, he might but remember that Santa is looking for good kids, so….

W: I'm gonna be really good.

****fast forward ten minutes*****

Jeff: Bye, guys! Have a good day!

W: I will, Dad! I'm gonna be really good today so Santa will bring me an F-86 today.

Me & Jeff: No, not today. You have to be good all year.

W: looking a little deflated Oh.

Natalie: he have cheese sticks?

Me: Who?

N: Me get cheese sticks?

Me: You want a cheese stick?

N: Yah! My want cheese sticks! Santa have cheese sticks?

Me: You want to know if Santa has cheese sticks?

N: Yah! batting her eyelashes, gesturing with her hands and shrugging her shoulders  I be good, he bring me cheese sticks!

There you have it folks, Christmas list 2011 has begun and both kids are asking for things right up their respective alleys. I'm so glad that's settled.


Darling's said...

Oh my goodness that girl is too cute! So wish I could hear her sweet little voice!! I hope my kids are that easy ;)

Amie said...

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I enjoy your hilarious posts and your adorable children. Can't wait to have these conversations with Sophie, so entertaining!!