Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Good Grief

I get really annoyed when bloggers (my friends) stop writing for long periods of time for no good reason. I mean, if your computer dies or you can't pay your internet bill, those are probably good reasons to just disappear from blogdom. Otherwise? You're probably just too lazy caught up in other stuff to write about what's going on.

Yet here I am, on the first of November, having not written for nearly a month. But don't worry! I received an "invitation" from BlogHer (you know, because I'm such a valuable member of their team or one of seventy bajillion bloggers who are linked into their system, you choose) to participate in their annual November challenge of blogging - wait for it - EVERY DAY in the month of November. The good news is that I've been saving up all kinds of fodder for this little platform. The bad news is that I'm off to a bumpy start, what with this post being thrown up haphazardly a little late on kick-off day. It'll only get better from here, right? Right.

Ooh, look, distraction!

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Darling's said...

Hey! Are you calling me out!! You should because I am TOTALLY that person right now!! So fun to be able to catch up with you guys all month! Maybe I will be inspired enough to post at least once this month in honor of your goal ;)