Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've Got Nothin

There's the bandwagon of blogging every day... here's me nearly falling off. Jeff is my cheerleader and just handed me his computer because I already have my boot off and I didn't want to hop across the house to retrieve my own. What a guy. My husband is pretty great, isn't he? Think carefully before you answer: he helped you waste your brain bytes on this.

1. I took a bread class last night at the culinary center; it was good but I'm not sure it repaired the damaged  relationship I've developed with bread. I'll have to keep working on that. In the meantime, I need this baking book.

2. All of a sudden, Natalie is asking about the arrival of her big girl bed every day. I hope she likes it as much after it arrives!

3. I'm refinishing an antique dresser for Natalie's room and I can't wait for it to be finished. So far I've sanded, repaired and primed. Still need to clean a few brass hardware items on it, put on a couple coats of paint, a layer of sealer and then put on the pretty new knobs. She better love it. Also? How did people figure out the best way to do stuff like that before the internet?

4. Wyatt had a friend over for a little while this afternoon. I think it made his week.

5. We need to take the trampoline down before it freezes too many times, yet the kids keep going out there in the afternoons and bouncing themselves silly. I really don't know how they'll expend that same energy indoors.

6. Millie is currently sleeping like a baby on Jeff. Literally, she's on her side, head on his shoulder and completely sacked out. Rough life.

7. I learned today that Millie likes raw green beans. Who knew? Sometimes it pays to be a messy cook.

8. I got to hold a friend's new baby today, who weighed a few ounces more than Wyatt did at birth. It is unbelievable how tiny these little people are when they enter the world and how quickly I can forget exactly how little that feels in my arms. It was delightful.

9. Natalie decided today that I needed some big hugs. No joke, I think they were the best squeezy hugs my girl's ever given me.

10. Wyatt still holds the title around here for best hugger. That kid can really make you feel loved.

11. Wyatt is so sweet to Natalie much of the time. I did her hair a new way today (two braids, a la Pippi Longstocking) and when she came downstairs, Wyatt told her she looked beautiful and gave her a hug.

12. Natalie loves her brother so much that she gets mad if she's not accompanying the parent who retrieves him from school (Jeff's schedule is finally kind of awesome; he can actually pick up Wyatt sometimes).

13. After a ton of people recommending it, my book club picked The Hunger Games for December so I've finally decided to start reading it. Oh my goodness, I get it. I could totally neglect my family just to sit down and finish it. But I won't, don't worry. The blog though? It could become a casualty.

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