Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shades of Things to Come

We managed to have a Saturday with nothing scheduled and it was great, but I can't remember the last time this happened; maybe sometime in February? Wyatt was so confused this morning that at 8:45 he asked if Jeff was taking him to school or if I was. We laughed and pointed out that it was Saturday and that's why we were all still in our pajamas. You should have seen that child cheer. I think we all needed this "down" weekend. I spent my day in the garage attempting to finish Natalie's dresser; Jeff spent his day in the basement sorting stuff for the move. He's really excited to be getting rid of a bunch of old paperwork and books and random stuff we've been moving across the northern hemisphere for the past thirteen years; I'm glad he's finally listening to the suggestions I gave him eighteen months ago when I suggested we get rid of all of it. Sometimes it just takes a while for us to be on the same page. That's okay, we're there now and the extra stuff is looking mighty organized.

Sadly, I think we should probably get used to these weekends just hanging out with each other because in a few short weeks (insert sad face here) we're going to be living in South Carolina and won't have any friends to hang out with even if we wanted to. Unless we keep ourselves busy with monster projects, we might actually get tired of each other. In an effort to prevent that, I think we've managed to book something for every remaining weekend through the new year. So, I think we'll enjoy the rest of this relaxing weekend and use it to gear up for the final push of activities with family and friends because we're certainly going to miss the chance to spend time with them whenever we feel like it.

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