Monday, February 27, 2012

So You Say

Wyatt just informed me that the new color word this week is "lellow." I wonder if this will make him figure out that it starts with a "y"? First the death of Wah-Wop and now this? Two words losing their baby pronunciation in one week might be too much for my mama heart to handle.

Though it could make me stop wondering if speech therapy is in our future…


As the kids were setting the table, Natalie narrated her placemat arrangement. When she arrived at my seat, the last one set, she said, "I'll give you one, too, Mommy. Would that be fabulous?"

So I guess their language can keep getting better. I mean, I'd hate to miss opportunities to hear my two-year old say "fabulous."


Mom said...

Now you understand why I still fondly remember "fritterfrater" and the Boston twist on words like caw (car). Mrs. Hamm advised us that speech therapy probably wasn't in your future, and I don't think "lellow" will ever qualify for services either--just fond memories. And only a fabulous 2- year-old would use "fabulous."

Team Airhart said...

So proud of Natalie and her fabulous use of "fabulous!" You can never really use that word too many times!

Susan said...

Tell me that Vanilla hasn't also suddenly become crystal clear? That's my favorite.

A little bit of me dies each time I hear someone correct T's pronunciation of pasketti.