Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Have S'More!

I'm all out of order in reporting our days, but don't want to neglect to document the fun we have in our own backyard. Literally. Jeff got the bright idea to have a little bonfire in our fire pit on the back porch so we could roast marshmallows. Well, if you know me you know that I always have chocolate in the house, and we even had a few graham crackers, so we fired up some s'mores for the kids. They didn't fully comprehend the plan, but knew that it involved marshmallows, chocolate, fire, and some sort of good idea from Daddy so they were all in. We all traipsed outside and gathered around the fire.

Please note the glee in Jeff's eyes. He likes fire.

When I picked up my camera, she picked up her camera. Again, note the self-styled hair.

The beginning: Wyatt's face says, "yum! marshmallows" and Nat's says, "you want me to do what?"
And yes, we always roast marshmallows in vintage Mickey shirts and fancy skirts. Don't you?

Wyatt's beginning to doubt; Natalie just wants a marshmallow. Enough with all this waiting.

This is the moment when Wyatt learned that sugar is really flammable.

And this is the moment when Jeff said, "well blow it out!"

Natalie has now outsourced her roasting and is pilfering chocolate from the tray behind her.

Just had to include this one that documents our ever-present Trio blocks, and a scavenging Millie.

First bite. Yummmmm.

Natalie's over it completely. After tanking up on chocolate, she jumped ship and went for a drive.


The Blake Family said...

Love it! We have done this a few times in our backyard fire pit too! Fun times. This is what memories are made of!

Darling's said...

LOVE it! We are a smores family as well! Glad you all are enjoying SC! Can not believe those kiddos, they are getting too big, especially Miss Natalie....really, she is 3 already??!!!