Thursday, March 15, 2012

The She is Three

Oh, Natalie. Where to even begin when attempting to capture you in words? I just can't possibly do you justice. You are nonstop motion and chatter and amusement. You are clever, funny, observant, kind (so proud of your "sharing heart"), rough and tumble one moment but shy and girly the next. You are, quite simply, the best girl a mommy could hope for. Interestingly enough, you've started telling me I'm the best mommy, so I guess we think pretty highly of each other.  You also chair the fan club for Wyatt, Daddy and Millie, so I'm in good company.

You've recently started 'doing' your own hair, insisting you can put the clips in by yourself. It makes for very interesting hairstyles, but your pride is totally worth any tangles we later battle. You love accessorizing, often appearing with a gamut of necklaces after I've gotten you dressed for the day. You love your babies, playing in your "titchen" and making us interesting meals which you insist we 'try'. You love riding your bike and have fully mastered the Strider; we need to get you on a bike because I have a feeling you'll just take off. You are pretty sure there's not much you can't do. You have looked forward to your birthday for months, mentioning it whenever you felt like it (which was pretty much every day). I think that explains why, tonight, you kind of melted down when you realized your day of "all about me" was coming to an end. I think you had a good birthday, sweet girl, and can rest easy knowing you made the most of it.
You seem to like your new purple Crocs

the beginning of our day, very excited

classic Natalie, on the move

the much-discussed pink and purple cake


so very Natalie

realizing you just got the Leapster you've been asking for.
I love how Wyatt's equally excited.

unwrapping was a sport, complete with trail of destruction

"showing" your new shoes to Papa Rock on the phone

off into the sunset…or just to catch up with the boys


Adrienne Rost said...

Looks like the perfect day!

SStites said...

Just totally adorable! Happy birthday, Miss Natalie, the ultimate 3 year old! Mallory had a titchen, too, and always wanted Gramps to come see her titchen!

Leslie said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Natalie! The expressions on your sweet little face leave no doubt that you had a ball!