Friday, April 20, 2012

Natalie's Finest

The girl's had a few winning verbal moments in the last few days, and I'd hate to forget to write them down. Her chatter is fairly incessant (still) so there are times that I completely tune her out. As harsh as that sounds, I would go CRAZY if I tried to process everything she says. But luckily I caught these gems:

1. As she was playing the other day, just puttering around, I realized she was singing a little song to herself. The lyrics I could make out included (and for this to make sense, it's important to note Jeff's been gone for the last month), "I yuv my daddy, but Daddy's gone….and I don't know where he is….but he's not in Souf Taroyina…I miss him every day, but Mommy calls him every day…" and then she wandered off. Indeed, these kids process his absence in their own ways. And Skype might still be a little confusing.

2. En route to the commissary last weekend, we drove past Jeff's building as usual. Often, we'll look for his car in the parking lot but seeing as how it was both a Sunday and his car is parked in our garage, I didn't suggest we do that this time. Instead, Natalie said, "there's Daddy's work! That's where Daddy's working, Wyatt." When her brother didn't respond, but before I could correct her, she said, "but I just wonder when he's going to come out!"Wyatt, of course, laughed and reminded her that, "No, Natalie, Daddy's in that little purple country Mommy showed us on my globe, remember?"

3. As we were leaving soccer tonight, Natalie piped up from the backseat and said, "Mommy, I just yawned; that mean I'm tired, Mommy?" and before I could take a breath, she answered herself outloud, saying, "Yes, I yawned so dat mean I'm tired, Mommy. Mommy I'm tired." Good grief, darling, now I am, too!

4. Also on the way home tonight, we rolled down the windows so we could smell the jasmine that's blooming everywhere (spring smells really good here - first Wisteria and now wild jasmine). I said something along the lines of "the jasmine smells so good!" and Wyatt said, "I love the way the jasmine smells, Mom." So Natalie said, "I don't yike it. I don't smell jasmine. I smell a sfwirrel." I cracked up, confirmed she meant/said she smelled a squirrel and she replied in the affirmative. Of course she smells a squirrel. I mean, who doesn't know that scent?


The Thomas Crew said...

Yes, those are definitely gems! I love that. Still just as cute and clever as ever. Hope y'all are doing well!

Steph said...

I love it! The song: freaking adorable! And I noticed she has the same blended S's that Landon has (which I find to be remarkably cute, so much so I'm kind of hoping he doesn't grow out of it anytime soon.)