Saturday, July 14, 2012

Design Theory

I've heard it said that your home - your space - should really reflect who you are. While I'm constantly trying to pin that down for myself (see: rearranging photos and furniture with alarming regularity, an addiction to swapping out throw pillows and excessive tagging on houzz), it seems my kids are pretty darn accurate at making their rooms show their true selves. Please note, these were taken after they'd "picked up" and nearly all damage decorating was accomplished during quiet apparently-very-busy time.

Exhibit A: Natalie's room. Be sure to catch the accessorized ceiling fan and the ever-present tea party set up on her table.

Exhibit B: don't miss the chairs,  3/4 of which are overturned in some fashion. My favorite is the one by the bookshelf, resting on one leg and covered with…I'm not sure what. And then, of course, the dress-up bin that's pulled out and emptied. That's just one big pile of princess dresses, silky scarves, fairy wings, jewels and purses. The heels, normally contained in that bin, are actually all piled on a (not pictured) chair in the corner. The dresser is decorated with a musical hot air balloon and some more random piles of jewelry while the window seat is home to a cash register and a small menagerie of plastic animals. I'm not really sure what, or who, is buried on that couch.

Moving on, we have Wyatt's room, which is actually a little better…ish. It's just different because he's gotten most of the big chunks picked up but the pieces, parts and bits remain. They're my favorite. In this photo, you'll want to make sure you see the random cardboard trash treasures he's rescued from the recycling bin - a wrapping paper tube that he uses like a didgeridoo and a molded piece from our new coffee pot's packaging which he insists on keeping for "making something, like a ramp or a craft or an airbase." And of course every boy needs a pool noodle near his bed for safekeeping.

Then there's this, wedged against the closet door. It's some marvel of 6-year old engineering that is designed to roll, jettison hidden aircraft and store pirate loot all at the same time. There's pretty much always some version of this in his room that is to be held sacred, whether it's blocking the closet door or not.

And yes, my kids are going to sleep tonight with their rooms looking just like this. Yes, I could go pick it up or we could fight the battle to have them do it themselves - again - but it's been a busy day, so we'll let it slide tonight. Mostly when I look at these I just realize that THIS is why I'm tired by 8:30 every night (and it's no wonder they are, too). I also have faith that they'll grow up and keep fairly normal houses, seeing as how my mom's probably flashing back to my childhood bedroom when she sees these.

But man oh man, what I wouldn't love to do with a few hours to myself and a trash bag.


Mom said...

Yes I am!

Susan said...

I am too. :-) I love that Natalie has a permanent tea party going and that the trio block installation is part of the permanent exhibit as well. It's like a well curated museum there!

Rife Wife said...

Sure wish we could visit those rooms!!! :) Love it all!

The Blake Family said...

Uh...Jackson has some similar messes in his room. What I wouldn't give to have these two boys together playing!! I think they'd get along great!