Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mr. To The Point

This has been awaiting documentation for a few weeks now, so today's as good a time as any. The first weekend of May, we trekked to Atlanta and met up with a friend from Jeff's pilot training days. Wyatt's front tooth was hanging on by a thread and Jeff was good enough to remember to pack his special tooth fairy pouch. Somewhere between Augusta and Atlanta, Wyatt parted with the tooth and asked me to hold onto it so he could put it under his pillow at the hotel. We told him we weren't sure the tooth fairy could find him in a hotel room, a few hundred miles from home, but that we were hopeful.

Fast forward twelve hours and our hopefulness just turned into a room full of sleeping people. Sadly, the tooth fairy was, apparently, unable to find our Wyatt. The Embassy Suites must have been too confusing, what with all those rooms and having to sneak past a front desk that's manned all night long. Wyatt took it in stride, reporting his finding (tooth still there, no money) first thing Sunday morning. We assured him that she'd find him as soon as he put the tooth under his own pillow. We were proud (relieved, actually) that he went with that so easily.

Until we found this:

In typical Wyatt fashion, he was up quite a while before the rest of us and had entertained himself quite nicely in the front room. Apparently he also used that time to vent his frustration, because here's the back of the same note:

Umm, perhaps he was a little more irritated than we realized. I never knew I could be so amused by his writing, feel so guilty for its content and take such pride in his use of the universal 'circle-with-a-line-through-it' all at the same time. That's Wyatt - he keeps us on our toes!


Mom said...

Style points for Wyatt. Maybe he deserved a little interest on that dollar seeing that he had to chastise the tooth fariy(sic)and wait for his $$.

Susan said...

You tell 'em, Wyatt!

Leslie said...

Love it!

Reminds me of a Japanese sign :)