Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My Momma Said...

That I should write more stuff down because I'll forget it. Seeing as how I sometimes forget why I've entered a room, that's probably true. So here's some more of what's happening lately:

1. Natalie started school.

Her first day was only a half day but she's now on day two of regular, three-hour days and loves it so far. Why wouldn't she? Her best friend from last year is in her class and she has the same teachers Wyatt had when we got here. They were sweet to her then, they were sweet to her last year when she was in a different class and now they're loving her up for three hours every morning. Preschool teachers are really the best and I'm so thankful to have kids who love school.

2. We've had  a lot of rain this summer and it has yielded a bumper crop of tree frogs. They're everywhere, they're tiny and they're cute. Natalie is my kid, for sure, and loves holding all creatures. 

That second picture is of Natalie and the big snail we found on our garage door. That was pretty fun until she broke its shell and tears followed. I'm sure the snail was equally sad since it was his house that she cracked! Thankfully, it was a broken edge and I'm optimistic that snail will heal itself in time. Not pictured is the baby snake that floated around the driveway for a few days. Jeff found it, already dead, when he was using the blower to clean up after mowing. We all looked at it and talked about it, but only Natalie insisted on moving it around. When I had to utter the words, "no dead snakes in the house" I knew it was time to make it disappear for good, science lesson or not. She wasn't too happy when she found out I threw it away. 

3. Natalie has a giving heart and often wants to share her things with others. She might have gotten a little carried away when I was on the phone one afternoon.

Let it be said, AGAIN, that Millie is a pretty awesome dog. She looked a little gangsta to me with all the 'chains' on, but I think it was the Hello Kitty medallion that really made the look. She wore her necklaces just long enough that Wyatt could see them and then we relieved her of all adornments. I don't think it actually bothered her too much - maybe every girl likes dressing up now and then!

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Thanks for listening to your Momma. Love, Momma