Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clear as Mud

During dinner tonight, Jeff and I were chatting about whether we could have a zip line or slack line in our backyard. Wyatt told us that he thought it would be awesome if it go from that tree to that one to that one (we have no idea where he was suggesting, exactly) and Natalie piped in with some description of a toy (we think?) that she saw that involved zip lines, ninjas, bad guys and walls that break down. She told us about it with her normal Natalie fervor, hand gestures, big eyes and excited face. I didn't know how to respond but Jeff hit the nail on the head by simply asking, "What is a ninja?"

So she took a deep breath, sighed, and said in all seriousness, "Well, Daddy, they're frogs. That can ninja." Then she just smiled and basked in the glory of being a five-year old whose got it all figured out.


Susan said...

I can picture the look on Jeff's face as he questioned her and the look on hers as she politely explained how stupid he was for not knowing!

Leslie said...

I love how they confidently interpret the world around them. I would have never thought of a ninja as a frog...but I can totally see it!?!