Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We are enjoying our first (non)winter in the great (not) white north. We've had so little snow that I can see grass in our yard and, while it's making me love Alaska a little bit more, it's apparently ruining good winter fun. My kids wouldn't know; they're too busy learning to be little skiers on the man-made stuff. They joined the on-base downhill team as never-evers the week after Christmas and last week they participated in their first race. I'm humbled every week by their enthusiasm and bravery to just get out there and get after it. With snow on the horizon and two more Alaskan winters to come, I'm pretty excited to see their skills by the time we move back to the lower 48!

My little racers:

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Mom said...

Just discovered these pictures of some of my favorite skiers! They look very confident and capable. Must take after their grandma. LOL LOL LOL. Etc. etc. etc.........