Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Really, I'm Just High on Life

One of the benefits of living 'over here' as opposed to 'over there' is that we are closer to the birthplace of approximately 99% of the world's goods (this is my own estimation carefully calculated by how many made in China stickers I encounter) and that makes some of these goods a great deal; specifically, I'm referring to furniture. For the first time in our lives, Jeff and I have made a major furniture purchase and our new table, chairs and hutch have taken up residence in our living room.

The downside to being so close to its birthplace? The stain was still wet (according to my super-observant husband) on a shelf in the hutch and it smells a little like we're living inside a permanent marker. Don't worry, though, I have all the windows open in hopes of preventing lasting effects for Wyatt. Oh, and I'm pretty sure whatever is used to create this beautiful finish probably goes against my eco-friendly post from a few days ago. What can I say? Two steps forward, one step back.

As a tangent to this purchase, I had the benefit of watching Japanese movers again in delivering this stuff and picking up all our loaner stuff. I swear to you, these people are 1/64th ant. That's the only logical explanation for the fact they can carry approximately 17 times their body weight as if it's no big deal. I came thisclose to asking the guy this morning if I could take his picture as he - I'm not exaggerating - wore our dining room table like a turtle shell and walked it out of our house. Or maybe it just looked that way to me since I'm high.


susan said...

Keep the windows open, then take some pictures!

Dad said...

I want pictures too-- and some of the furniture also