Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Google Video - You Are a Timesuck.

I finally got some crawling video uploaded but can't get it to post. Why is this? Blogger and Google are the same people; why does it keep telling me it's invalid login information? NO IT ISN'T!!! Aaargh. So now the laundry's not put away and Wyatt's going to wake up anytime. Nice.

Who am I kidding? Stuff like this distracts me all the time. In fact, I wrote this post yesterday and couldn't get the stinkin' link to even work so now, finally...FINALLY you can see Wyatt do his best rendition of crawling.

And don't get too excited because anything that takes this long to post can't really be that great. Without further ado, here you go.


Mom said...

That was so worth waiting for! If he ever directs all his back and forth movement into forward momentum even when he's crawling, he'll be half way to Naha before you know it! And that hair. Girls would kill for that color and shine. Cute, cute. Thanks.

susan said...

Too cute!!! He's burning a LOT of calories with all the motion in that motion. He's grown an entire head of hair in 6 weeks. Amazing!

Stephanie said...

I have to agree, the hair is a lovely hue and perfectly shiny but it's maybe not quite as thick as it looks. But its wavy attributes give it some awesome personality!

Andrew said...

Dear Wyatt,
My mom just showed me the video of you crawling and I've now asked to watch it six times in a row. I like it!

your cousin Andrew

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness!! He is soooo cute! And he crawled right to Mommy! I'll be that just melts your heart.
By the way, I agree about Google Video. Majorly annoying 80% of the time. But, worth the effort for that great video :)