Thursday, March 22, 2007

Since You Asked...

Actually you didn't, but I'm telling you anyway because that's what I do. The focaccia bread was great! Not easy so I won't try to fool you with that approach, but I got lots of compliments on the sandwich and requests for the recipe. I can now add artisinal breadmaker to my resume.

I did all this cooking for a spouses' coffee I co-hosted tonight. We had it at the apartment of the only female pilot in the squadron (Elizabeth, aka Jackpot) who is just uber-cool. She's one of the girls and one of the guys all at the same time, without ever compromising herself, if that makes sense. She and her husband have a place right on the seawall, 4th floor with stellar views of the water clear down to Naha. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here today. Jackpot and I had our toes done at Coco's first and then enjoyed a great view of the Keramas as we got all the food set out for everyone. She had all her Hawaiian music playing (she grew up there), all the windows open so the salt air was blowing in and torches lit outside. It's nights like tonight that remind me how lucky we are to have this experience, in this place, with these people. It's really an amazing, diverse, interesting, and just fun group of women. It brings me back to the nagging question in the back of my mind: who am I to get to enjoy this?

Wyatt traded yesterday's 3.5 hour nap for a non-nap this afternoon. After more than an hour of fussing in his crib - not crying, but not sleeping - it finally got quiet so I opened the door to check on him only to find him standing in his crib chewing on the rail. He was facing away from me and when I asked, "oh, do you just not plan to nap this afternoon?" he whipped his little cranium around and gave me the biggest smile. So he didn't nap. Whatever. His daddy came home early today and they got to play outside so it worked out well.

Latest trick: Wyatt now claps. He doesn't bring his hands together with enough force to make noise, but he gets it. He'll clap for Millie, for himself and for F-15s flying overhead. I think we're training him well.

We're off to bed because the Jayhawks are playing at 2:30 am our time and we're committed to watching. Or at least to having it on while we're sleeping; it always stresses me out to focus solely on the game anyway.

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