Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tales From the Road

This island NEVER disappoints! There is always something funny to see. We were getting on the bridge to go to Ikei island yesterday when the following conversation ensued:

J: What is that?
S: What?
J: That! Is it a horse?
S: I don't, I think it's a cow.
J: No, I think it's a horse. it a bull? It's a bull!
S: You're right! It's a bull! I need a picture of this.
J: I can't believe it's a bull. It really is a bull! What are they doing?
S: I don't know but I wish you would stop so I could get a picture!
J: Why do you think they have a bull out there?
S: I don't know, but seriously, PULL OVER! I have to get a picture of this!

this picture is for perspective. tide was way out, and so was the bull.

this picture is in case you didn't believe us, courtesy of the handy-dandy digital zoom.

S: I think they're giving it a bath.

J: Maybe they're getting ready to eat it.

S: Maybe they're brining it....I can't believe we just saw a bull getting a bath in the ocean.

J: Do you think it's a local bull?

Then again, maybe it's our very cerebral conversations that really make this place so fun. Like this one.

J: You know, I bet there are a lot of people who never leave this island.
S: Yeah, but there are a lot of Oklahomans who never leave Oklahoma, too.
J: True, but I don't seems like there you could just get in your car and accidentally...
S: ...accidentally drive to Texas?
J: Exactly. Accidentally drive to Texas.
S: Good point.


PaRon said...

Seems logical to me that they would be giving the bull a bath in the ocean--If I had a bull and lived by the ocean, I would give it a bath there also.

susan said...

I never leave Kansas on purpose but that stupid "State Line Road" seems to cross my path all the time when I'm in Kansas City.

Aunt Sharon said...

Good thing you had the camera along; otherwise, it would just have sounded like a "lot of bull." Will the wonders never cease!