Monday, March 12, 2007

Shout Out

Wyatt has requested that we give a little shout out to the people whose gifts make him happiest right now*; they are Aunt Susan (How Big is Baby Elmo?), Auntie Ade (lovie blanket #1) and cousin Trish (lovie blanket #2). The mere sight of one of these items causes Wyatt to break out his "special" laugh, which involves him pulling his chin back so all the little folds underneath pop out and a very gutteral chortle. We do not hear this laugh at any other time!

The blankets are only for crib time and boy, do they get a good work-over. We alternate which one is in there so we (ideally) always have a clean one. When it's time to put him in the crib, we hand him his little blanket and he clutches it tightly to his face, kind of burying his nose in it. The one from Ade is prized for its satiny backing and the one from Trish is fun because it has little squares of furry fabric. Both become chew toys as he's falling asleep.

And the book? Well, it's a hands-down favorite. I know I already have it memorized and I think Jeff's well on his way. Favorite parts that bring individual little laughs and bright smiles: "Baby Elmo says "ma-ma-ma", Baby Elmo says "da-da-da"' and "Baby Elmo plays peekaboo". But the SOOOO Big Baby Elmo at the very end? It, without fail, makes Wyatt lean forward and grab for the page in attmepts to eat Baby Elmo. And that, well, it always brings a smile to my face.

*this is not to say that we don't cherish and use many awesome gifts every day. And trust me, I remember where each one came from and think about you every time we use something you gifted. Of course, I still remember these details about most of our wedding gifts as well so maybe this explains why I can't remember what day it is? Brain is full! Brain is full!


Andrew said...

We're so glad that you love "How Big is Baby Elmo?", Wyatt. It was my favorite when I was your age also. I loved Elmo so much that I had an Elmo-themed first birthday party. You should talk to Aunt Steph about that. We can't seem to get Thomas interested in Elmo. He just does not know what he is missing! My mom thought it was melt-your-heart-cute when I was big enough to do the same motions as Baby Elmo while we read the book.

Love, Andrew

Leslie said...

Aahhhh, I just enjoyed catching up on all your blogging! You've been a busy little typer! My sympathies on mustache March. Luckily, I've seen no signs of it here in Vegas. Shhhh! We must keep them from remembering!
Wyatt sounds adorable as ever...I love the "More Cheerios" sign. They are clever aren't they!

Ade said...

I'm so glad the blankie is a favorite...Jack is now sleeping with blankie #3 and #4. We were never able to totally transition away from #3 as tattered as it is!

Mom said...

Ah, I want to see that little guy in person. Does Wyatt's special gutteral sound remind you of Tipper and the mouse?

Stephanie said...

Yes, Mom, it's a little tipperish. Weird.