Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Let's Get a Few Things Straight

1. Wyatt is not quite old enough to do his own hair....or is he? You be the judge.

Do you think he saw a picture of Jeff from high school? Because this is total California-in-the-90s hair, self-styled during his morning nap. Trust me when I tell you that seeing this standing up in a crib makes a girl laugh out loud.

2. It's embarrassing to have a naked butt. Even if you're a dog. Just ask Millie - she had to have all the fur trimmed from her tail this evening because (get this!) her God-given screwtail is screwing itself into her. That equals infection. And all of this equals a lovely cash payout for her owners. Good times!

3. I'm ashamed to say The Bachelor: An Officer and A Gentleman has captured my attention. But it's only because I know someone who knows someone who knows this guy! I swear, I haven't watched The Bachelor since the Ryan and Trista days (did you hear they're expecting?). Ahem. Really, I'm not that into it.

4. Re: The Bachelor, I sure hope the producers stop feeling the need to say "an officer and a gentleman" a gajillion times in every episode. Because is he really a gentleman? I mean, he is wife-shopping on television and hooking up with many girls at one time. I'm just sayin'. And I'm anxious to see his screening process for a woman who's willing to be single-but-devoted while he's TDY six months at a stretch. I'm sure that's taking precedence to the "she's hot" factor, right?

5. Dear Lindsay (yes, we're still on The Bachelor), please tell me you're not really from Lawrence and that you only claimed it as your hometown because you're attending KU. And also, please tell me you plan to leave said town as soon as you graduate because it really is my hometown and I don't think it needs the likes of you. Your lack of class, decorum, whatever you want to call it is sad. I hope that you've seen yourself on tv now and are maybe reconsidering your "I'm a bitch. Whatever. I don't care." comment. You should care. You really should.

6. Just because his daddy flies jets doesn't mean Wyatt's a fan. We went and watched some airplanes today and it was all clapping and happy wiggles during the landings but as soon as that F-15 took off, it was instant tears. Perhaps he's not ready for the up-close view complete with chest-rumbling afterburners?

7. When you live in a concrete house with concrete walls and concrete stairs and concrete bannisters, if you will, you should not make a habit of running into things. Especially concrete corners, because holy cow! It hurts. I think it can even temporarily dislocate your kneecap. But the part where you almost hyperventilate trying to breathe through the pain is highly entertaining to a 9-month-old with crazy hair.


Susan said...

This is all I have to say: I didn't watch the whole show so I didn't see the bachelorette from Lawrence apparently make a fool of herself, but I did see enough to safely say that I think the bachelor is pretty darn cute.

Vivian said...

I thought portions of the Bachelor were really embarassing. I don't know where they find some of these women. Both Marc and I were particularly amused by the woman from Kansas, sorry Stephanie. Marc and I kept saying she is so "crazy."

Leslie said...

Having not seen the Bachelor, I can't comment on that, but having entertained Michael by coughing and gagging as I nearly choked to death the other day, I can relate to Mommy's pain being fun for little ones. At least their laughter gives you something to focus on other than wondering if the pain will never subside.