Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcome to Monday

We had to divide and conquer today, what with both our kids being sick. I called peds as soon as the appt. line opened at 7:30 and by 7:50 had actually spoken to a real. live. person! who was able to schedule an 11:00 appt. for Wyatt. The timing was perfect becuase the vet's appointment line opens at 8, only they weren't answering so Jeff drove over there to make the appt. in person. Turns out they're doing inventory today, but my resourceful husband figured that probably meant everyone was there and was able to sweet-talk them into seeing Millie despite the office being closed.

SO. Jeff headed one way with Millie, I went the other with Wyatt and we each got to hear one big word. Me: pneumonia, Jeff: amputation. Rock on!

Wyatt was diagnosed with pneumonia, had the pleasure of being strapped into a plexiglas tube for a chest x-ray and now has antibiotics and a decongestant. Millie's tail is, in fact, about to explode or maybe implode and is scheduled for amputation on May 15. She's on a steroid and antibiotics until then. So pretty much our kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy, I'm going to have to create a serious dosing calendar so I don't forget (or horrors! mix up their meds) and this week can only get better!

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Ade said...

OK...trying to catch up...I should really read these in order of date instead of appearance...what happend to Millie's tail? I'm confused...How is Wyatt? long does that take to fight!
PS - Those questions were not necessarily asked in order of importance, but more order of clarity needed! :o)