Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feeling Bloggy

Okay, so I have a few off-topic/on-topic things to mention.

1. Is it weird that the whole week we stayed on Naval Station Pearl Harbor I kept thinking, "I wonder if I'll see The Bachelor, an officer and a gentleman?"

1b. And is it also weird that when I think that last phrase, I totally hear it in that man movie voice-over range? And that I never just thought "the bachelor" - always the whole phrase?

2. Is it inconsiderate that every time Wyatt coughs I lurch him over a sink or trashcan? I'm just soooo not in the mood to catch throw-up with my shirt.

3. Did someone turn on the humidifier while we were away? Because this island is feeling a little damp for my taste and just when I thought I acutally liked my hair and skin, I'm now frizzy and shiny again.

4. Ah, no wonder we like Dr. Helpful. While viewing Wyatt's cloudy lungs on the computer screen in her office, I was able to see her diploma from USC's med school and her plaque for being Georgetown's Pediatric Resident of the Year in 2004. And wouldn't you know she's moving in June? That sucks.

5. Where do my devotions lie? While poor Wyatt was wailing inside the plexglas tube for his x-ray, I found myself wondering why I hadn't thought to bring a camera because I bet you blog readers would've been interested in that image. Oh, and did I meniton that I snapped a few photos at the ER the other night? I'm always thinking of my readers.

6. Millie has a screwtail which essentially means she has no tail. How do they amputate something that hardly exists? Is she going to have a hole there? Will it creep me out? Good thing her grandparents will be here to help her recuperate!

7. Do you think it would be cheating to hire a mamasan to do my spring cleaning? Because let me tell you, there's nothing quite like returning to a humid, stale, concrete house after 18 hours of travel to make you see all the nooks and crannies that are gross. And I really just want it to be poof! done so I can spend my time on more entertaining ventures. You know, like blogging.


Ade said...

I am so with you on the "Officer and a Gentleman" thing...I do the same thing!

Mom said...

Wow! Welcome back to the real world! Hope things get better for you. And I know you were already concerned about the busy week ahead. Funny how priorities can sort themselves out. I wish I was there to lend a hand.

Kristen said...

Ah, yes, we've had a run in the plexiglas tube for an times (and I kinda wished I'd had my camera for that "Kodak"(???) moment as well. I hope Wyatt is feeling better very soon. And so sorry to hear about Millie...welcome home!