Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quick Note

You should be glad I'm not feeling verbose tonight because it would be all sentimental and "I love my life " and the like (it's farewell/change of command week in our squadron and some of our closest friends are getting ready to leave so I'm having lots of "my God we're so lucky to live this life and know these people" moments). Oh, and if I could, I would post the video that was made for Saint's dinner tonight because it was HI.larious. I tell you, not only can these guys fly jets but they're also wicked clever.

Anywho, just wanted to update the health department that Wyatt is feeling much better. He's quit gagging every time he coughs - though his last incident of that ended with me wearing a bra full of partially chewed peaches. yum! - and is back to his normal playing self. He stayed with a sitter tonight and apparently did just fine. His appetite seems to be on the upswing too, which is good since he was losing weight and, in case you hadn't heard, he's not exactly Paul Bunyon. The kid at three slices of cheese (along with a couple other things) for lunch today. And it was the high calorie stuff! Woo hoo!

Must go to bed...tomorrow's another big day.

P.S. I hope you noticed the flickr updates....shame on you if you didn't!


Mom said...

Thanks for the update. Glad Wyatt is back to his charming self and the pictures document an excellent adventure.

Leslie said...

Would've LOVED to have seen Saint's video. These guys are funny...