Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Feeling A Little Lightheaded

No, really. Literally light-headed. I had a little rendezvous with my girl, Rumiko-san, today. You know, some reblonding and a cut. But what's wrong with the following timeline?

1. Foils & color in hair.
2. Rumiko says, "you want a little lighter than last time?" I say, "no, last time was good." She says, "ohhhhhhh, I think maybe little lighter for summer!"

Riiiiight. It's already done.

A few other choice Rumiko comments from today's session:

"You dry hair sometimes? Not always ponytail?"

"You dry straight here (motioning to front) and volume here (motioning to top), but no here (motioning to underlayers). You let here (underlayers) a little wavy - sexy!"

"You dry not so much. Then go like this (fluffs my hair all around) and then sexy!"

"Ahhhhhh, maybe not so much part, okay? Maybe like this (pushes hair around so part is obscured). You like? I think sexy maybe okay."

Uh, Rumiko, you trying to tell me something? Like maybe I'm not ooozing sexy when I roll in here with my two-tone, needs a highlight hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail? Oh, and maybe my puffy, runny eyes really sealed the deal for no sexy. Because I'm definitely feeling no sexy as I sit here willing myself not to sneeze all over you. And also? I'm wondering how I'm supposed to handle my nose that's running like a faucet since the Japanese don't like for me to blow my nose in public. Should I just dab it? Or can I blow it when you walk away? Or maybe I can just close my eyes a little tighter, wish really hard, let you do whatever you want to my hair and when I look again then POOF! sexy.

And lastly it should be noted that I dodged a Japanese mullet today....but BARELY! Rumiko wanted to cut layers. Whatever. Great. I never know what I want done to my hair and I enjoy it when a stylist has vision. So when Rumiko said, "you want like last time or maybe different?" I said, "I liked last time. It was good." She said, "hmmmmm, I think maybe little bit different. Maybe more layers?" I said, "Okay." Because really, I'm in no mood to argue and it's just hair.

But then, THEN when she had sculpted her masterpiece and turned me around to view it, there it was. The Japanese mullet, staring right back at me. And it was on my head, in my hair. Not as okay anymore. So I very calmly suggested she could maybe cut some length off the bottom layer. She complied. I was happy. She, in a disappointed voice, said, "oh. I think like last time. Same cut." Apparently I dashed her creative genius. Too bad, so sad. She'll have to find someone else to mulletize.

And although I've been doing doubletakes in reflective surfaces all day because BLOND! and SHORTER!, my husband didn't actually notice. Until, that is, after 20 minutes of face-to-face conversation I said, "notice anything?" (while shaking my hair...and it should be noted that we'd already kind of discussed it on the phone; as in, he asked how the cut was and I said okay but shorter and blonder). He said, "oh yeah. It's lighter. But I like it!"

Turns out it's just perfect for summer. Rumiko-san is always right.


susan said...

You've made me laugh out loud!

Ade said...


Dad said...

Inquiring minds all want to see the new you !!!!

Mike and Jamie said...

I can't wait to see your new look! Your blog made me split my sides with laughter, while Mike is busy putting down flooring and looks up to ask me in an annoyed tone, "What's so funny?" I'm so glad you avoided the mullet!