Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rearing Its Ugly Head

A couple months back, Jeff caught a really bad cold that was going around the squadron and was mis.er.a.ble. He felt miserable and he was miserable to be around, what with all the whining. Annnnnd I might have mentioned that he was acting miserable.


The Great Cold of 2007 has struck again, only this time I am its target. I might actually have The Great Cold's runty little brother, Just A Cold (and am arguably much less miserable to be around), but I feel crummy. I don't actually recall ever having had a cold quite like this before because only one side of my face is affected (the left). ONE runny nostril, ONE watery eye, ONE half of a sore throat, ONE set of swollen glands. Let me tell you, as I sit here typing this I look HOT. H-O-T, hot! Because if you've never seen me with half a puffy, drippy face, you're really missing out.

This is the kind of day that makes me wish I had a lovely childcare facility to which I could deliver my child before returning home, slipping into some loungewear and hunkering down under the covers. Not so much. So we made do with what we have - and did I mention that its the freaking rainy season and today it decided to prove it? Monsoons, people, monsoons - which included a little more Elmo-watching for Wyatt with a little less caring from me. Nathan came over and played for a little while this morning (I promised Lisa I wouldn't get any snot on him), so that helped make our morning a little more interesting (if only I had a picture of storytime with Brown Bear, Brown Bear and both boys in my lap).

And this evening we made up a new game while Wyatt "helped" unload the dishwasher (the sound of the dishwasher opening is like a siren song for my son - he will drop whatever he's doing and crawl as fast as he can into the kitchen, just hoping to make it there before I close it again). Our flatware basket is on the inside of the door and he likes to pull out his spoons to play with them (and only his spoons; isn't that interesting?), so I let him have two while I took the basket and its contents out to put away. There was a little water in the shallow well of the door and, well, it was just really fun for him. I decided I could make it a little more fun if I added just a touch more water. And I was right. Fortunately it was almost bedtime, so the fact that he ended up soaking wet was a-okay. Unfortunately, I think I inadvertantly made the dishwasher even more alluring, if that was possible. Whatever! Happy kid, happy mom.

Well, as happy a mom as I can be considering my left-side faucet is running. And we just ran out of Kleenex. Looks like tomorrow will be another stellar day but at least my cold entertains the kid - I sneeze, he laughs; I blow my nose, he smiles; I cough, he imitates. Now if only I could train him to bring me a nice cup of hot tea, my zicam and some tissues.....looks like we have a project for tomorrow.


susan said...

Sorry you're sick.

Lest you think that being sick would be easier with daycare in your world, let me speak from experience that you would feel like you should still go to work because you have to save every last minute of sick time you're granted there for the inevitability that your kid will be next and it will strike them harder than it did you entailing many missed days of work and daycare!

PaRon said...

He needs a sailboat for the dishwasher.

Stephanie said...

Suse, in my bizarro world I have a daycare AND no other job, hence the ability to come back home and curl up :)

susan said...

Oh, well, yes. Daycare and no job. Then you just use the daycare if you need to lunch. Or, if you have a cold. Good gig if you can get it!