Monday, July 23, 2007

Call Me Orchid.

Few of our visitors (okay none, except my parents - and they were silly enough to do it twice) have been here during the summer months. To the rest of you who thought it might have been hot and/or humid during your stay: you were wrong. Okinawan summers are downright oppressive. Arizonans have their dry heat, like an oven, and we have our wet heat, like the inside of your dryer about five minutes after you put in a big load of wet towels. You think I'm exaggerating? Today's forecast is for it to be 88 degrees and 80% humidity. And I would argue that today is a "medium humidity" day. The "extreme humidity" days are easy to spot because when we wake up, our windows - all of them - are covered with condensation. Thank God for central air. But even today's kind of hot makes me start glowing (my southern friends have taught me this is a more demure way to say that I'm sweating like a pig) while I load Wyatt in the car. And it's really helpful that the sun rises at about 5:50 am and doesn't set until well after 7:00 pm. Are you getting my drift? Long, hot, humid days.

So this is the part I don't get: how is it that on my way home from Kindermusik, at 10 am on this hot, humid, sunny day, I saw an Okinawan woman RUNNING in calf-length black tights and a long-sleeved nylon jacket? These people are invincible, apparently, because I was still overheated from having put Wyatt in his seat five minutes prior, despite one of the a/c vents blowing full-force on my face. And while I admire her fortitude (and no, she isn't an exception to the rule; you will see Okinawans in long sleeves and long pants year-round yet they never seem to be too hot), I must say I'm rather pleased to be sitting here listening to the air conditioner and sipping my icy beverage. And while I don't really consider myself a delicate flower or anything, apparently I am.

That's okay, though, delicate flowers are pretty. Just like me when I'm glowing.


The Blake Family said...

...And I do totally agree with your comments about the Okinawa heat and humidity (maybe that's why no one has come to visit us much?!?)! It was amazing how hot the car got in the 45 minutes we were inside at Kindermusik...ugh!!

Leslie said...

I'm back!! I just love reading your blog! Did you know that we glow here in FL, too? Not quite the nuclear glow you get in Okinawa, but still powerful enough to blind passers-by.

Oh, exciting news! Stoner is headed to Okinawa on Michael's first b-day (yes, more than a smidge disappointed about that, but we'll doctor the photos and he'll never be the wiser). He'll be there for about a week, so he and Vice can drink a lot and share "Mother Hen" tactics. Look for him on Aug. 2ndish (no idea really with that crazy time/day change). Wish I could make the trip, too! I tried to make it happen, but Mother Hen immediately ixnayed my plans. No Hirro for me :(