Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Might Think...

...that I didn't appreciate all the comments helping us with carseats since I didn't reply, but you'd be wrong. They were very helpful! Oh, well, no we haven't actually ordered one yet, but we're much closer. Much, much, closer. I think.

Or you might think my absence from blogging for the last week would indicate I was very busy being productive or contributing to society but alas, that's not true. I spent the last week trying to figure out my child. His alter ego, Cranky McFusserton (© Lisa, I think) came out to play and it turns out the two of us don't really get along. I blame it on the apparition of two molars and know that someday soon my sweet Wyatt will return. Until then, I'm just here pulling my hair out. I mean, I felt really bad for him when he was running a fever and obviously didn't feel well, but it turns out my sympathy cup doesn't runneth over. Two days post-fever and any form of illness and I think he should be able to sit by yourself long enough for me to make lunch or oh, I don't know, go to the bathroom? without him throwing a fit. Cranky disagrees.

It actually was a busy week, too. Lots of 100 yenning (had to get party supplies for a naming on Saturday night and wouldn't you know? there were ZERO grass skirts to be found! so sad.), two evenings out with the ladies, news of another baby born into our circle of friends (we can't wait to meet you, baby Charlie!), the release of the newest Harry Potter book, a party on the seawall (fyi - if I were a bachelor here, I would want to reside at the Ocean View Palace, too - these guys have the top two floors of the tallest building on the seawall and their deck is bigger than my living/dining combo room with stellar views of the East China Sea and approximately half of Okinawa; not a bad way to live.) and all of this with Cranky McFusserton in tow (well, not the party).

I have to admit there were some redeeming moments. Like watching Wyatt get in and out of his Cozy Coupe the right way, then opening and closing the door, turning the key and honking the horn with his forehead; the addition of "rock chalk" - sounds more like ah-ah - to his vocabulary and his new abililty to point out every Jayhawk in the house (and the one on the back of the Surf that's visible from his carseat), which is prounounced, "ay-dah" in case you didn't know. We're also taking care of Sandy which Wyatt thinks is great but he points at Lisa & PC's front door asking for his friend, Nay-da (that's Nathan for those of you not fluent in Wyattese).

In other words, it's more of the same around here. Jeff's insanely busy at work getting ready for a two-week TDY that he's more or less in charge of and I'm pretty much hoping and praying that my sweet boy returns in time for Daddy's departure because two solid weeks of Cranky McFusserton is not a good time in the making. Oh and did I mention that my blogging may have to take backseat to Harry? Because this new book is good so far and I'm only a hundred pages in. I'm already looking forward to Wyatt being old enough to enjoy the whole series, too.

Since this post is already a rambling bit of nothing, how about if I leave you with a picture Cranky and call it good? Great. I knew you'd like that plan.

Above: Cranky McFusserton, playing in the kitchen after escaping a diaper change without having his pants put back on because the world comes to a screeching halt when diapers have to be changed and crazy fits ensue. At the time of this photo, Cranky's mom was seen banging her head into a wall.


Dad said...

This message is for Cranky. Perhaps you should become a typical pre-two a little more gently, and allow your mother more time to adjust to your needs for exerting your independence. After all, you have been such a sweet baby that you have spoiled her. Always remember that you have a very good mother, and you would be up the proverbial creek without her. You would never forgive yourself if she received brain damage caused by hitting her head against the wall repeatedly. I hope you and your mother can continue to play nicely. Love, Grandma Schmidt

PC said...

Ill entertain the idea of blaming the molars, however, at some point, once the molars have emerged, we are going to have to attribute some of this to Wyatt joining the ranks of toddlers. Say bye bye to the have a toddler now. ;)


(PS- this signs me in as PC and I dont have a google acct, and your blog no longer accepts anonymous commenters so....alas).

Leslie said...

Another Harry fan!!!!! Isn't it sad that you can't blast through this book like you did the previous 6 back in the pre-baby days? I actually lay down in the middle of the family room floor today and read HP whilst Michael climbed on, over, and around me. Hey, whatever makes us both happy, eh? OK, no talking about HP until we're both finished, ok??