Monday, August 27, 2007

Vice Games 2007

Bat pass complete! The weather totally didn't cooperate - as in, sunny all morning, raining buckets from about 2:30 until about 6:30 - so we scrambled to rearrange the living room and put down an extra piece of carpet to make the house ready for everyone to be inside. Luckily the weather cleared enough later for us to proceed as planned. Every bat pass has a theme and ours was the Vice Games, a spoof on the Olympics. We had four competitive events: an opening ceremony torch run (keeping your torch lit in windy, rainy weather is a trick!), beach volleyball (a relay involving a beach mat, towel, magazine, volleyball and a drink - fastest to set it up wins)This one got a little competitive!baseball (classic dizzy-izzy) and shooting . Yes, those are super-soakers on the left and targets dressed in ponchos and goggles on the right. I totally didn't think anyone would actually play this game, but Jeff insisted they would and he was right. Teams were even arguing about who got to play. And I'd like to point out our commander's wife, who arrived from another dinner just in time to take a turn (with Jeff's help). Doesn't she look awfully glamorous with her shiny tank top and her super-soaker? That's why I love our squadron - because of people like this!

We also had a couple of exhibition sports - boxing, courtesy of a rented 20'x20' inflatable boxing ring, archery (a.k.a. darts) and table tennis (a.k.a. beer pong) - but none of those ever got rolling. It's probably for the best.

Meanwhile, the Rifes watched Wyatt for us and he and Isaac had their own party, complete with tub-time and everything!
Check out those handsome boys!


Mom said...

I've been waiting for this post! It appears that a great time was had by all. How many attended?

susan said...

Looks like a great party!

Heather & Scott said...

It was a great time, Rock's! Thanks for throwing a fun party - even with the rain!