Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Dam Has Broken

Our countdown has begun - we leave this island 8 weeks from Saturday so it's fair to say we're in cram-it-all-in-before-you-go mode. I figure now's a good time to start buying age inappropriate Japanese toys for Wyatt because hey, he'll want them soon enough and then we'll have them.

The Super Rescue Cars are probably okay for him now but the Supermarket set made me laugh so I bought it. They're obviously are designed for older kids (I'm pretty sure they say 3 years +) and have a handy graphic on the box pointing out that if you eat them, you'll cry.

But really, where in America am I going to find a set of cars that includes a Toyota Vitz, a Subaru R1, a Daihatsu Boon and a Mitsuoka ViewT? That's what I thought.


The Thomas Crew said...

That is awesome! I may have told you Hannah used to say that if you put toys in your mouth, you'll choke and get X's in your eyes. Make sure you load up on some of the apparel, too. I just bought Evan and Andy their first Engrish onesies. :)

The Blake Family said...

How funny! Wyatt will appreciate your "pre-buying" someday...and it will be evidence that you definitely lived in Japan!! Good luck getting everything ready! 8 weeks...really?!?