Monday, September 17, 2007

At Least It's Over

Well, Lisa summed it up pretty well over here, but I'll add my thoughts to the misery.

Things that were un-fun today:
1. Wyatt still has chronic-too-many-poopy-diapers-in-a-day. Let it be understood by all: I AM OVER POOPY DIAPERS! Really, really over them. As in, please make them stop. Not completely, of course, because then I'd have a different and equally vexing problem, but it's just....regularity is a good thing.

2. Diaper rash that accompanies said diapers is also decidedly bad. I don't like having to mix up home remedies (though it's working) and make my son scream as I'm "helping" him.

3. I had to go to the commissary. Again. That makes three trips in four days and one of those was made on Friday when people were freaking out about Typhoon Nari (which, by the way, was a poser typhoon that merely caused some sideways rain) and I got yelled at by other shoppers because I both qualified for and used the express line. Here's a hint: you don't need 6 cases of soda, 3 pounds of bacon, 8 bags of chips, 4 pounds of apples or 9 loaves of bread to get through a single typhoon. If you bought what you actually needed (like a carton of milk, applesauce and bananas because you have a kid that can't stop with the dirty diapers, for example), you, too, would qualify for the express line. So I'm really sorry that you've been waiting here since 8 am, but not sorry enough to let you in line in front of me.

4. Upon leaving the commissary, I somehow managed to rip my fingernail away from its home. It bled. And it still really, really hurts.

5. Wyatt mini-urped on his shirt this morning after we left the house, so that combined with 3 dirty diapers before 10:30 am made us miss our scheduled playdate off base at an indoor playground. I hear it was really cool which really just made it worse that we'd stayed home.

6. I hadn't checked the mail since Thursday, so was kind of hoping that I'd go there today and discover a magazine or at least some catalogs waiting for me. Instead, I was greeted with one financial statement and a mail-order catalog from which I could order parts for a Toyota. Woo. Real exciting.

7. Jeff - who worked for 5 hours on Saturday and 10 hours on Sunday - was supposed to be home at 6:30 tonight. Only he wasn't; it was after 7:00 and today was just one of those days that I really could've used a surprise early arrival and would have settled for on-time. Late was not good and was greeted as such, which then just keeps the bad mood rolling. Bad choice.

8. It's supposed to rain (probably sideways, since it's another typhoon) all day tomorrow so Jeff's DO called saying that no one needs to go in until 10:20 am tomorrow because they won't be flying in the morning. I took the message to pass along and was thinking, "cool. At least we'll get to hang out in the morning." As soon as I delivered the message to Jeff, though, he said, "you know I still need to go in early and get stuff done." Of course you do. Roll on, bad mood, roll on.

9. As Kristen put it so well yesterday, I think I'm just irritable. And all of these things pile up right along with the dirty diapers, the laundry and the dust in my house.

To be fair, there were some high(er) points. The fun things that happened here today:
1. I booked a Coco's pedicure for me and Lisa on Sunday morning. I mean, my first reaction to my crapola day was to pop the cork on a bottle of wine at about noon, but that's a slippery slope so I passed and figure a pedicure's the next best thing.

2. Wyatt's great, even if he is Mr. Poopy Pants. Between the whining, the crying and the clinging I am aware I have a great kid and am really fortunate. And, if you must keep pressing the point, yes. I realize I'm pretty lucky I get to stay home with him.

3. I really had to work at keeping a straight face tonight during dinner when Wyatt discovered that his finger just happens to fit perfectly into his nostril. And then he wouldn't remove it for the duration of the meal.

4. It's time for bed. That indicates that I've survived this day and will (hopefully) get to try again tomorrow.

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The Blake Family said...

Sorry about the bad least it fit well with the stereotype of a Monday?!? Hope your Tuesday was better.