Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dun, duh dun dun DUN!

Go Jayhawks! Dun-duh-dun-dun-DUN! Fight Jayhawks!

It's a rainy Sunday morning here in Okinawa so we're enjoying our coffee and listening to Jayhawk football via the miracle of the internet (and courtesy of 1320 KLWN online). Somehow it's kind of funny to be listening to those familiar voices while we're so far away. But it's great! And the perfect way to spend our rainy day.

Apparently Wyatt has heard the Jayhawks are looking good this year because all week he's been refusing any bedtime books that aren't My First Jayhawk Words; that one gets the nod for three read-throughs each night. Really, he can choose any school he wants. But if we do our jobs well now, he'll have eyes only for the crimson and blue!

Rock Chalk.


susan said...

We usually have a family policy that we don't leave before the game is over, but we decided to make an exception tonight! It seemed as though it was probably over mid-way through the 1st quarter. It's a beautiful evening here and was a really great night to sit in the stadium.

Rock Chalk!

Adrienne said...

It was a beautiful night for football! Charlie made it to his first game. We too are starting as early as we can to persuade the boys! Can you see it now...Jack a Senior, Wyatt a freshman, rushing Charlie into Sigma Nu! (I'm told it will be back and better than ever by then!) :o) Ohe the days in Antarctica!