Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For Lack Of Anything Better

I am suffering from that strange phenomenon of having plenty of random things to share, but no motivation to actually write about them. Let's just say my lap is on fire right now from sitting with the laptop for the last two hours trying to figure out our routing home in November. The government? Not so helpful. My husband? Fell asleep.

So here. Have a picture or four. You probably prefer it this way.

P.S. Must be nice to be the dad and get the greeting captured in picture #4 every single day. Such sheer joy to see him arrive! Please note the flipped-back hands and neck vein popping out, both signaling the oh-my-gosh-this-is-the-best-thing-EVER! sensation for Wyatt.


The Blake Family said...

What a great photo moment to capture! How exciting for Jeff everyday...I bet he reacts the same way when he sees his mommy too!!

lisa said...

What a great picture of Wyatt running to Jeff! Im also really glad that you have a great picture of the Dr. Seuss tree now so you can remember it always. :)

Leslie said...

ADORABLE! Lucky Daddy!

susan said...

We love the funny posts but Aunt Susan really loves the adorable photos. Come on November!!!!!