Thursday, September 27, 2007

Totally Blog-Worthy

So, it's funny to me how we can go days on end without anything particularly entertaining happening. And then, in one day, we can have so much fun that I couldn't possibly capture it all.

We had a date this morning with Kristen and Isaac to check out the local Japanese indoor playground so, according to plan, we picked them up at 9:45 and headed out. We arrived at about 10:02, only to discover that the place doesn't actually open until 11. Big disappointment, but we decided we'd go back after naps and headed home. But then it happened: we saw the t-shirt that trumps all other t-shirt sightings I've had here in Okinawa. Here's the thing (for those of you who haven't been here): there are Engrish t-shirts which have senseless phrases and then there are Engrish t-shirts that have very clear language, yet you know that the hapless Okinawan has NO IDEA what their shirt says (this is the same phenomenon that allows gangsta rap to play in the shopping malls without any censoring). So there we were, lamenting our fruitless trip to the arcade, when I saw a woman whose shirt said this:

Yes, it said exactly what your dirty little mind is thinking. So, because I am committed to entertaining you, my reader, and also to accurately capturing our time here, I informed Kristen the car was going to be turning around for a photo opportunity and that she, as the passenger, needed to man the camera. Turning around in Okinawa is never as easy as looping through a parking lot, so after turning down a few side streets, darting through a residential neighborhood and making a few questionable driving decisions, we found our target. Only this time, we approached her from behind to see that the back of her shirt said, "THEN LEAVE".

Put them together, I'll wait.

Nope, I couldn't make this up if I tried! Can you believe that?! We felt a little like we should take the time to explain how she shouldn't be wearing that shirt, but we didn't. I still feel guilty that she's out there, thinking that shirt's okay.

The good news? Our little side trip (coupled with a misguided trip to a nearby 100 Yen) took enough time that we were able to go back to the arcade. And I'm glad we did because it was so fun! Wyatt would like to show you his "holy cow this is the most fun I've ever had!" face:

This image was captured inside the balloon 'room', which I will attempt to replicate if we can ever have a dedicated playroom. We were at this place for an hour, and I'd say we spent a good 45 minutes with the balloons. Our remaining time was divided among the bouncy house, the ball pit (a.k.a. germ pit and yes, it grossed me out but no, not enough to deny my child a chance with all the "a dah!'s" that practically made his eyes pop out of his head) and the standard arcade games. It would be fair to say that the arcade games were more entertaining to me than to Wyatt, but I finally got to play the taiko drum game! FYI: it's harder than all the kids make it look.

And in standard Japanese fashion, this place boasted a wall of vending machines complete with the one on the far right, offering a variety of deep-fried "casual frozen foods." America is going to seem so unamusing.

Here's the best part: all this entertainment occurred before noon and cost less than 800 yen (which also included my "membership" so next time it'll be even cheaper!). Does anyone know if there's one of these in Virginia?


Devon said...

Stephanie, you just won the 6A State Championship of blogging. this is the all time best post ever. In the world. Your celebratorial plaque will be waiting for you in Kansas.

Mom said...

Oh, Stephanie, just think how you will miss the funny "Englishisms." Fortunately, probably only the 80,000 or so Americans on the island will really know what the shirt says, or maybe she just doesn't care. Wyatt looks like he is having so much fun he just might combust! No wondering what Wyatt is thinking as his smile and body language tell it all! And I want more details about what really constitutes deep-fried "casual frozen foods". I don't think we have that in Lawrence.

The Blake Family said...

Funny thing, I think we saw that shirt on a teenager last week!! Hmmm...they really do need a little English lesson; but then your wonderful blog would not have existed! This was hilarious!! Thanks!