Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Coke and a Smile

I got myself a treat at 100Y yesterday. It was refreshing and uplifting, let me show you!

This stuff never gets old for me! Annnnd you might be ready for us to move on.


Steph said...

Again! You and I. Are as one.

Ok, enough of the cheese. I was out in town today and realizing that I really should have my camera with me each and every time since almost all off-base outings are photo ops. Thennnnnn, I thought "Ok, I'm going to post one or two more Japanese things and then I'm done! Really, people have to be sick of hearing of Okinawa and how funny we find it." But really? How can Engrish get old?

Jody & Joey said...

So, when I first glanced at the post I saw a red image and thought that the title was "a cock and a smile" figuring that you are paying some kind of homage to your red friends across the flight line.
Be sure to stock up on your Engrish shirts before you leave the rock....