Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crapina Rides Again

The Carina has been sporting four hubcaps for the last few weeks, courtesy of a swap with another guy in the squadron, and actually looking quite snazzy (for a Carina). However, today I was driving down the big hill, la-dee-da, minding my own business and BAM! I thought I'd hit something or someone, or maybe someone had thrown something big at my car. There was no other traffic, so I slammed on the breaks, threw on the hazards and got out to assess the damage. Honestly, I thought kids had thrown an apple at me. I don't know why that was my first thought, but it was. Because, you know, there are kids out there launching apples at cars all the time in my world. Anyway...I get out, expecting to see applesauce or at least a dent and...nothing. And then I see it: a hubcap is gone. So I look around and see it lying (laying? I never can remember the rules on that one) on the sidewalk ten feet behind me and on the opposite side of the car. How on Earth?
So now I'm standing behind the car and look back at it, hubcap in hand, laughing, and that's when it came to me! The Carina didn't want to be called a Crap-ina, it wanted to be called Carrie. Because it's possessed. That hubcap LAUNCHED itself off the wheel. And because I know you're thinking that maybe we just didn't put it on tight enough, you should know that until today, this particular wheel has had no issues with its cap. Just weird.


Mom said...

Hmm. I hope the immediate thought that a kid had thrown an apple at your car isn't rooted in some incident from YOUR childhood escapades????

The Blake Family said...

Ah, only 5 more days of the Carina...then new cars! Enjoy the 5'll miss this car and all the excitement it has brought!

Jody & Joey said...

Commenting on "Today's Okinawa Think I will Miss"...You will WISH it was 76 and overcast when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground!

One of the few things I honestly miss about the U.S. of A is getting in the car and DRIVING...take a road trip for me :-)

The Thomas Crew said...

I thought about y'all all weekend. You should also add on to your 'An American Thing I Look Forward To:' Only having to worry about bird poop instead of bird AND bat poop.