Monday, November 19, 2007


A bunch of blog posts have been bumping around in my brain for a week - woe is me! I was without internet access for a whole week! I practically withered away, but luckily have survived to pass along all this oh-so-pertinent information - and now I can finally write them down. Only here's the thing: jetlag sucks. Have I ever mentioned that before? And also, keyboards that are not my own might also suck. I keep hitting the wrong keys so I blame it on the spacing (definitely nothing to do with the wine at dinner).

Anyhoo, we've survived the journey to America. Wyatt was awesome on the flights but is really fighting the jetlag. And by fighting, I mean waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning both hungry and ready to play. It's fair to say that while we might take the occasional cheerio for ourselves, neither Jeff nor I are particularly hungry or playful in the middle of the night. I have faith this will end. And soon (do you hear me, God? Soon!).

Kansas is great now but about to get really stinking cold - colder than tonight, even, when I said, oh it's brisk and my entire family made fun of me. Like for real cold. Like 38-is-the-high cold. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat for the update.

I'm nearly incoherent with jetlag and maybe some wine, so this post is no good. You should probably stop reading now. Seriously. Actually, I should've cut you loose paragraphs ago but I'd hate to lose my remaining seven readers. I just kind of thought that if I could get this one written, then others would follow. We'll see. Please don't hold this against me and check back later.

Thank you for your support.


Susan said...

I should have had a second glass! Maybe we should give Wyatt some tomorrow night. Right. Either wine, or Benadryl.

The Thomas Crew said...

Yeay, you made it! Miss you already. (And it's been 72 and freezing here lately---seriously!)

Kristen said...

Give the jetlag a week. We had many fun mornings at 2 and 3. I think we made pancakes and woke up my whole family at 4 one morning-you may not want to do that! Welcome back!

Nicholas said...

38 degrees?


That sounds almost tropical. Glad to hear things are going well and that you made it to the US. See you at sweltering Tyndall.
-Nick & Laurie

Heather & Scott said...

Well, it's starting to cool of in tropical Okinawa, we've actually gotten out the jean and long-sleeve tees. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Kansas with your fam!! We miss you guys!

The Blake Family said...

We're getting cool here too...well not 38, but cool. Scotland...42 degrees, but feels like 32 is what the internet says! It's good to know you guys are doing well. We miss you...I cannot believe you are gone! Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed!!