Sunday, December 09, 2007

It Takes a Village

...or at least a very patient realtor, two sets of parents, two siblings and a best-friend-who-happens-to-be-a-realtor to raise us into home ownership. Thanks to those combined efforts, we seem to have been successful. We had no idea it would be so challenging! This house or that one? Which neighborhood's best? We're awaiting the home inspections to make sure it's all a go, but it looks as though we'll have a house to move into come March. I love it when a plan comes together.

In other news, Wyatt seems glad to have us back, although perhaps not as overjoyed as I'd hoped. This just reaffirms my belief that the passage of time is irrelevant to him. Oh, and it proves that grandparents are pretty great.

I also realized - as we made that 15 hour drive each way - that we have some awesome friends. I could have just mapped the trip by who we could see in each city and as we passed through without saying hello (sorry, Leslie!), I thought of each person. And then when we got to Virginia and were able to hang out with our friends who we'd last seen in Japan, I realized that this military life is really starting to pay off. While I hate saying goodbye, it's that much better to get to say hello again.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! We're so excited for you and can't wait to come and be annoying houseguests. (We shouldn't have to work too hard at that!)


Lisa said...

yay!!! When do we get so see some pictures or at least some stats?

The Blake Family said...

Congratulations on home ownership! Great feeling, huh!!

landelle said...

so what did you end up with and where is it? i am hoping to see pics soon. Glad it was so successful!

Jody & Joey said...

Congratulations on your first home! Pretty soon you'll be wishing you were still getting COLA :-)
I saw your SURF driving around today...still has the "K" sticker on it. That is yours, right? I talked to Kristen after you guys had dinner. Glad you could say "hello" again. The AF is funny like that!

Leslie said...

You seriously drove through Jax without saying hello? You're in big trouble sista! When I come visit you in Panama City, we won't be speaking for at least 2 minutes!