Friday, December 14, 2007

Delights of the Redneck Riviera

I'm not sure what it says about us that we're feeling settled now that we're going to be somewhere for a few months. Perspective, I suppose, that's unique to military families. And as I'm feeling settled, I find myself thinking about our friends who are just starting to transition; especially those who are leaving Okinawa, completing a whirlwind trip through America and then heading for overseas adventure 2.0 in Scotland. I'm envious and not envious, all at the same time.

We got our stuff yesterday - you know, our favorite thousand pounds (which turned out to be more like 890 lbs., so I should've sent more stuff) that was packed up in about 40 minutes by five efficient Japanese men a little over a month ago. It was delivered by two kind and slow Americans, just as we expected. It was like Christmas for Wyatt; his little eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw his parking garage, his wagon of megablocks, all his books and his very favorite four-square ball. (I don't think I ever told you about the ball - Lisa gave it to him because he always loved playing with Nathan's, and he loved it so much that he took a nap with it the day he got it. He loves that ball!)
So he played with all his "new" toys while we finished unpacking and sorting and cleaning. I'm already looking forward with trepidation to all the unpacking, sorting and cleaning that awaits our next move, since we'll be getting our 890 lbs. from here, our remaining shipment from Okinawa and all of the other random stuff we left behind three years ago. I'm guessing that'll take more than a day. In the meantime, we're trying to figure out a routine here and get settled into our new normal.

And as much as I thought America would disappoint me in the funny-stuff-you-see-while-you're-out-and-about category, I'm delighted to say I've seen two things in the past week that made me wish I had a camera with me (so I'll start carrying that again). The first was a sign that said John's Outboard Motor "Repair". The quotes are his, not mine, and made me envision a big ol' toughguy making airquotes. Someone should tell him that putting quotes there don't really instill confidence in his work. The second thing I saw was at the BX today (and maybe it's totally common but I've been away for three years so cut me some slack) - a convertible with antlers! It was a tan, cloth top convertible and had an antler held up by each window, same system as is used by the sports flags. Anyway, I walked out and saw a reincar and it made me laugh. Just like old times in Okinawa.


Jody & Joey said...

So, now you're at Tyndall? I'm so confused.
You should have timed the delivery of your shipment better and you could have saved a lot of money on Christmas gifts!

Steph said...

Ah, to have your stuff again. I never thought I'd yearn for my pots and pans so much. Congrats on the new house, by the way. Oh, and I don't think that link (to the Blakes, right?) is correct. It sent me to some guys' road trip from 2003. :)

The Blake Family said...

A Reincar...that made me a giggle...a giggle I needed. Thanks for thinkin' of us. The "not envious" category is probably more accurate right now...I'm looking forward to about 4 months from now, when we are receiving our stuff in a house. For now, we're nomads, and will be for a while. I must become comfortable with that, I suppose!

The Blake Family said...

Hmmm...the link worked for me. Wonder if the link Stephanie H. got to was interesting?!?