Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Who's Running This Show?

Because hey, why haven't there been any pictures? Here you go.
Millie making sure she doesn't get left behind.
Hanging out at the grandparents' house.

A little reading time with his new "I Spy" book - thanks Aunt Sue!

Ops checking Grandma R's newspaper holder.

My work here is done.

Quality time with Daddy.

Quality time with Millie.



The Blake Family said...

Great pics...miss seeing you in person. But, things are a-changin'...guess we all must "move" military families that's what we do!

Lisa said...

Man, Wyatt looks so much more grown up in just a month. Sad. Im drinking a Lava Flow from the pool bar though and that makes it a little less sad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!