Thursday, January 03, 2008


The Jayhawks just won the Orange Bowl!

Far above the golden valley, glorious to view

Stands our noble alma mater towering toward the blue.

Lift the chorus, ever onward Crimson and the Blue

Hail to thee our alma mater, Hail to old KU!



Anonymous said...

I assume that Wyatt wore his KU shirt----

Susan said...

We definitely witnessed history last night!

Anonymous said...

Rock Chalk...Miles has never been more hoarse! Of course, he was there in the flesh!

Leslie said...

I was thinking of you guys when I saw that game...some day, you'll have to explain this whole Rock chalk Jay-Hawk thing to me. The snippets of the game that I saw did nothing to clue me throwing of rocks or chalk or anything of that nature. And I'll sing Rocky Top for you...