Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rapid Heartbeat

With all the talk of Lisa and PC planning their last year of Asian travel, my Dad emailing me their travel plans for the year (including what looks to be an amazing trip to China and the fact that they are currently kicked back on a Mexican beach somewhere), and then me going through and trying to reorganize our photos from the last three years, I realized the prospect of a vacation somewhere foreign and/or exotic makes my heart thump faster. I think this might be how a caged animal feels. We have a summer trip in our heads, but I'm not sure how it's going to pan out and if it doesn't work out for some reason, look out world! This girl needs some excitement.

Jeff, however, is full-up in the excitement category since he had his first F-22 flight this morning. I actually loaded up Wyatt so we could take pictures (kind of like the first day of kindegarten for Jeffy, right?) and we made it over to the other side of base in time and everything. I could see the jets running in the flow-throughs but I couldn't figure out where to go to have any chance of a picture (Kadena was SO much easier for these endeavors!). So I drove and drove, finally finding a parking lot that actually bordered the flightline. Just as I was feeling victorious - FOOOOM! - Raptor #1 shoots by. I frantically put the car in park, grabbed the camera and only had time to angle the lens up before hearing FOOOOM! - Raptor #2, i.e. my sweetheart - darting into the morning sky. Needless to say, I didn't get the shot. I was seriously disappointed but decided I need to get over it since this is (hopefully) just the first day of the rest of his flying life. That makes my heart beat a little faster, too.


Jody & Joey said...

I stop every time I see the Eagles taking off. Usually, I'm at my house loading the car and I stop to watch. I could watch planes take off all day.
Oh, and as far as the photo goes, any jet taking off will do...just TELL everyone it is Jeff

Lisa said...

Shute....Nathan has totally been holding out for a picture. On Monday he was going around the house with his raptor saying "Jeff fly F-22 'yaptor' tomorrow? (repeat)." Yesterday it was "Jeff fly F-22 'yaptor' TODAY?" Nathan certainly didn't forget that yesterday was Jeff's first flight. :)

As for the travel....c'mon- based on your blog entries you are totally living somewhere...umm....unlike anywhere you've ever seen. hahaha

Leslie said...

Have you further considered visitng exotic Jacksonville? I can bust out my little bit of engrish and spanglish to give it that foreign country feeling! I'm so bummed about not visiting you in PC now!

Go Vice go! I'll bet Wyatt was excited to see Daddy up up up in the air!

The Thomas Crew said...

We just won't tell the SP's about that little venture. Steph, didn't you learn ANYTHING from watching the AFN commercials over here???

I know what you all mean about loving to stop and watch the jets. I love to watch Bryan's, too. And it's really cool, that I get to do that a lot--like even on weekends, holidays and no-fly days. I just think to myself, "Man, get a load of that symbol of American air mobility power." Now THAT will get your heart rate up faster than you can say "Bingo." ;)

All in good fun; all in good fun. Miss y'all!