Monday, February 25, 2008


Quick, what's this?

That's right! It's Wyatt on his car phone. He likes to pretend he's on the phone and sadly, we don't have a play phone (well, we do, but it's shaped like a lion, at his grandparents' house and not very phone-like) so he's left to his own devices. Usually that means picking up whatever's closest but in a pinch, he'll just put his hand to his ear.

Next question: using this photo, name the three items Wyatt had for dinner tonight.

If you guessed ravioli with marinara, broccoli and vanilla yogurt, you win! I've been making a concerted effort to let him self-feed, but it's an internal struggle every time since I know this is what awaits on the other side. He loves it though, and I assume he'll someday get a little more accurate with the spoon. Probably not until after he decides if he's a righty or a lefty and that seems to be very up in the air right now. Maybe by the time he's in kindergarten?


The Blake Family said...

That self-feeding went by the wayside here too. Since we'll get Jackson's booster seat today (hopefully), then maybe I don't have the "well-he's-not-sitting-while-eating" excuse. Good luck to you!

The Thomas Crew said...

Okay, that is a little male version of a Stephanie Rock if I've ever seen one! Don't worry, Steph. I'm not at all referring to Wyatt's skill level with a spoon--just the photo! :) He looks just like you in this one.

Jody & Joey said...

Look at those eyes! oh yes...and I can identify the marinara and yogurt. Looks like he got all the broccoli down the pipe - good job Wyatt!