Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going Up

Well, we're in Virginia now, attempting to close on a house. I might have mentioned this. Let's just say it's been....interesting. The walk-through went fairly well, just a few things the sellers neglected to do but all minor and the floors look good (whew!). And then there were all the things I didn't notice when we wrote the offer on this place - just how very ugly the light fixtures are, how the living room and family room have no overhead lighting, how tackytackytacky the fan is in Wyatt's room. You know, those kinds of things. Those things are a little overwhelming to me only because they are about to be my responsibility. So if you come see us in the next few years, please know that we're aware of these issues (and many more) and they are not indicative of our taste.

The painter also met us there and I walked him through exactly what I want done. Then his price and the time needed went up. So that was fun, but still probably the route we'll take. We've continued looking at refrigerators and discovered that, in fact, we might have to take a hammer to the small, useless cabinets above the fridge opening if one is to actually be installed in our kitchen. It turns out I'm kind of in the mood to destroy something, so that ought to work out.

Why so grumpy, you ask? Well, I give you exhibit A: the gas company. Specifically, we will receive service through Virginia Gas (makes sense, right?) so that's who I called to set up our service. Please imagine my surprise when I found myself talking to Ganesh who is conveniently located at a call center in India. Yes, you read right, a man in India is working to hook up my utilities in Virginia. The ways of the world confound me sometimes. Please also imagine my surprise when Ganesh reported to me that my credit score indicates I need to pay a deposit. My poor parents, they witnessed the whole thing. I told Ganesh he must be mistaken, that I know my credit score and they, quite frankly, don't get a whole lot better and so no, Ganesh, I will not be paying your three hundred and sixty dollar deposit! He basically says, "yes you will". So I do what any self-respecting, good-credit-earning girl would do and ask for a supervisor. He tells me he'll complete my order and then "send my call to the escalation desk". That's right everyone, I've been escalated.

So then I got to have the same conversation with Sharon. Sharon does not work in India, but she does work in Atlanta. That's right! Virginia Gas is located in both India and Atlanta, but not in Virginia - mind-boggling, don't you think? Sharon gives me the same load o'bull about my credit and how I need to pay $360, so I ask her what someone with bad credit would have to pay - a thousand? She didn't really understand my humor so much, but I think Mom & Dad were amused. There's seemingly no way around this, so I guess they're going to go ahead and rake us over the coals for the first few bills. If we pay everything on time for a year, they'll be kind enough to return our stolen funds.

Exhibit B: Tonight while we were at Home Depot pricing refrigerators, our realtor called (I have failed to tell you how great we think she is - Mary is a fantastic realtor!) and had to deliver the unfortunate news that the sellers are, from all appearances, crazy and possibly broke. As in, they've informed the listing agent - 16 hours prior to closing - that they're short by $4000. Something about the mom being distraught because the daughter ran away today and the dad is in France. I feel for her personal drama (and if you know them, please wish them my best) but now their drama is my drama and lo! I don't need the drama, just the house please!

Needless to say, the painter will not be starting until some things are resolved, no major appliances have been purchased and we went to Walgreens for a refill on my migraine medicine. Having fun yet? No pictures, either. Now I just need everyone to please pray, cross your fingers, bow east, chant or whatever else you do, that this sale goes through tomorrow so I can begin ridding that house of all its brass. Thank you for your support.

P.S. If anyone has a newer model refrigerator that they love, could you please leave me a note about it in the comments? Thanks!


Susan said...

Deep breath.

This will all work out. I know it will.

I remember VERY CLEARLY coming into this house the day we closed and having something that, in retrospect, was basically a panic attack about what we had done. I was in a tizzy about how "contemporary" this house was and how I wasn't a "contemporary" kind of girl. I had also somehow failed to notice that all the light fixtures in this house were straight out of Star Trek until that day and was ready to take a baseball bat to every last one.

I also walked in after we closed and all I could see was dirt and dog hair. I had been impresed with how clean the house was when we bought and it turns out it was a total snowjob.

Fast forward 6 years and we're still here, we still own a lot of ugly light fixtures and it's home and I think we did the right thing.

It will all be good.

Lisa said...

Don't you feel better getting it off your chest? Blogging is great for venting. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. Im sure no closing can go off without a few hitches right?? It will all turn out ok. And if it makes you feel any better I think the utility deposit has more to do with the fact that you haven't had utility bills in several years more than your actual credit. We had to pay a large deposit to get a home phone once for that reason. And like you we've got great credit (minor HOA issues aside...ha ha ha. Did I make you laugh?)

Im no help on the fridge but I think Home Depot gives 10% off to military. At least they used to.

Susan said...

p.s. I think Lisa's right about the deposit.

p.p.s. I think what you're having has a formal name in the world of psychology. It's called buyer's remorse. It's very real, very normal and will resolve!

The Blake Family said...

Oh, Stephanie, I had wished everything would have gone smoothly for you. It seems that our phone company here is based in India every time I call I get someone with an Indian India bases Virginia Gas and British Telecom...very interesting. Hope everything was resolved. I look forward to the next post.

Jody & Joey said...

I don't have time to write a long supportive message right now (I want to and I will....) but I will share some of "our" humour with you (I say "our" because we are the same sarcastic people.... and I hope that it is taken sarcastically....)
I BET KADENA IS LOOKING PRETTY GOOD RIGHT ABOUT NOW! no bills to pay, no fridges to buy, heck, you don't even have to have furniture to live here...they supply it all!
Don't worry Steph, it will all work out...

Steph said...

Oh Steph. I SYMPATHIZE! It's been practically the same ride for us from the negotiations on our house to getting our stuff then getting in the house and realizing crap we hadn't noticed before to remembering things we *should have* asked for in the negotiation. And that's just the house. I have been on the phone with Alltel every month since we've been here about our cell phone service because they apparently only hire idiots. Tyndall hospital is a joke and I would just like some furniture.

Wow. Sorry to totally vent on your post. Just wanted you to know that you're not alone and are completely validated. Keep us posted. Call if you want to do lunch. :)

Amber said...

I had to laugh at this post! I think I felt and sometimes still feel exactly the same way about our house. All of those little things that you don't notice when you are doing your walk throughs. For example, our house was completely outfitted in gold fixtures, not exactly our taste! After two years I can happily say that we have made some major improvements. However, our bathroom is still a very unattractive green...aww next on the list! Our next move I will have my magnifying glass out ;-) Good luck and I hope that your closing goes well!

Leslie said...

This too shall pass! And just think, if the light fixtures were kind of ok but not really what you liked, then you'd be stuck with them because it wouldn't be worth the cost of replacing. This way, you get to totally pick out everything you want so you love it! And trust me, every new home owner (and by new I mean in the first 3 years) has a list of changes they want to make and are budgeting in as they go along. Remember our front yard? Yuk. We'll get there eventually, and so will you!

In regard to fridges, we bought a GE LSS25XSW, and we're happy with it. Bought it at Home Depot during their 4th of July 10% off to military sale. They all advertise sales on their website, so I'd check that out. Oh, and save the receipt for your taxes in case you can deduct sales tax from your fed tax in VA. (Just learned that from our new tax accountant this year...did we save our receipt? No....)

Erin Stoner said...

I am not sure if you've already purchased a fridge...but I had to put my 2 cents in just in case you were still trying to decide. I purchased the Whirlpool Energy Star 27 cu ft French Door Fridge with the Freezer on the bottom and LOVE it.