Monday, April 07, 2008

20 Years Ago,

I was a scrawny junior high student watching Danny Manning and the Kansas Jayhawks from the comfort of my parents' family room, sitting on rust colored shag carpet in front of a black and white houndstooth couch. I probably turned some cartwheels when I found out school was going to let out early the next day for a parade.

Tonight, I am silent screaming in my own family room because my son (who sadly is too young to remember any of this) is sleeping right upstairs - my husband, on the other hand, feels this once-every-two-decades occurrence means it's okay to scream, come what may, we disagree on this topic. My carpet is a lovely shade of beige, as is my couch, yet I still want to turn cartwheels.

I love my Jayhawks, I am proud of their sportsmanship (can any Memphis fan say that?!) and desperately wish I were in Lawrence right now. Oh, and I'm also feeling a little justified in our completely rash decision yesterday to buy a new tv because it was SO worth it!

Need I say it again? ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!

And also? Today is my mom's birthday. All she really wanted was a Jayhawk championship. Isn't this cool?


Steph said...

Congratulations to your team! I'm sure you know we were watching since my hubby decided it would be cool to call yours with two seconds left in the tied-up game. Sorry about that! Oh, and when I say "we" I mean, he since I was desperately trying to get him to turn it to The Bachelor, to no avail. Apparently this game was a big deal??????


Never Watched A Basketball Game In My Life

Happy Birthday to your momma!

Susan said...


In a moment of total immaturity, I went downtown after the game and am so glad I did. It was amazing!

Rife Wife said...

You distracted me when you said you got a new TV...tell me more! Wave the Wheat! It was a great game.

The Blake Family said...

Way to go Jayhawks!! Sorry to say, I missed this one too. Not sure if we get American sports channels over guess, no. Anyway, turn those cartwheels, your school is awesome!

Lisa said...

Being that Im not much of a sports fan, the TV comment caught my attention as well. Tell us more about the big purchase!

Anonymous said...

Rock Chalk! We are now planning on a third son, Mario Sherron Darrell Rost! OK...maybe that decision was made after one too many celebratory beverages!

PS - we've been out of college for 11 years, but acted like we were right back there Monday night. Poor decision.

Jody & Joey said...