Friday, April 11, 2008

Bah Do Bah

You might be wondering what that title is. That makes two of us! Of all the words that Wyatt speaks these days - and lo, there are so many - this is the catch-all phrase that has us baffled. Is it a command? A request? A statement? Yes, yes, yes and maybe something else entirely. So of course that makes it the perfect title for a post that has no direction. Welcome to it.

We are knee-deep in discovery around here. We're learning that homeownership is full of all kinds of hidden joys, frustrations, surprises and I, personally, am learning that what makes me certifiably crazy one day will make me laugh the next because really? Can it be so hard to just make a decision? I think we all know the answer is yes, especially where I'm concerned. This is not to say that our weeks here have been without progress. Quite the contrary - our garage sale last weekend was wildly successful, our new fixtures for the gutted first floor bathroom are on order, I've discovered has killer prices on area rugs and, even if they're not quite what you thought they'd look like, there is value in just having them in your house and crossing that task off your list. Just yesterday I discovered that the "little bit of raking" we needed to do in order to actually be able to mow our grass/weeds actually involved 6 hours of my life and 10 large lawn bags. I also discovered that even Wyatt has his limits to how much time he wants to spend outside (approximately 4.5 hours, for those of you who are wondering). I asked him if he wanted to go back out after dinner and his reply was, "umm, nope."

We are learning that some things are necessary expenditures (hello, window coverings! It's like we're in a real! live! diorama! each evening for our neighbors' viewing pleasure), some things are not (goodbye custom dream sofas, hello Ikea! And also, the new not-that-fancy-to-you-large-tv-owners-out-there television purchase) and that some things are smack dab between the two (do we need new cabinets or not, Mr. Granite Man?). And while all of these things are somewhat stressful and frustrating and may result in me calling my mom too many times in a day to whine and complain, it's also really great because hey, it's ours and I'm actually enjoying the process (most of the time). I really love our house, our neighborhood and this area.

We're starting to learn our way around a little more. I now know a couple of cut-throughs or back roads but still haven't done much true exploring, which is really the best part of any move. The weather is finally clearing up - we had a solid week of gloomy, rainy, cold - and I discovered an amazing greenhouse this morning so our yard could soon look much better. Well, that's an exaggeration. No amount of plants could really offset the lack of grass in our yard or eradicate the mole, but we'll get there. Right?

Wyatt has more words every day and surprises us with the things he remembers and how he says them. My current favorites are weewow (window), anything that ends in a hard 'k' like milk, book or work because he has just figured out that sound and VERY clearly. I would love to provide you with video footage of him talking but once he sees the camera, all we hear is "deeeeeeeze! deeeeze!" (cheese) accompanied by a crazy exaggerated grin. He's pretty good company most of the time, though I feel like the two's are creeping in some days.

In other words, we're just truckin' right along. Sorry for the lack of pictures - I know I really should post some but everything that is non-essential is taking a backburner to the more requisite task of making this house our home. We're having company next week, so hopefully that will pull me out of my picture-taking drought. Now I've got to spend some quality time with Google - topic: what does a termite look like? Wish me luck!


The Blake Family said...

Oh dear, I hope that the fact that you were googling "termite" means you are concerned that you saw one?!? Sounds like you are busy as ever. And, 4.5 hours outside for Wyatt...that's awesome! I think Jackson would stay out that long if I let him...but, his mama gets WAY TOO COLD before the hour mark!!

Susan said...

I believe that a termite looks much like a flying ant and that they are indeed two different things so don't panic yet!

Jody & Joey said...

When I was growing up we had a mole problem in our yard. My mom tried everything.... poison, smoke bombs in the trail, you name it, she tried it. Then, one day she read that they were most active at noon so she went outside at noon with a sledge hammer and when she saw the little tunnel "moving" she went to town with the hammer and marked the spot with a stake. Then, when my dad came home, he dug up all the unlucky critters that were near the stakes. I know, sounds savage but i guess it worked. She got something like 4 in one day! (we had a big yard).
Do you have a sledge hammer?