Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happiness Is...

1. The first words of the day from a little boy. Yesterday: ah-ah-noss (astronauts). Today: book! book!
2. Finding a cabinet guy who can do exactly what you want without overhauling what doesn't need fixing.
3. Figuring out a shortcut from point A to point B.
4. Discovering that in the midst of the city, there are rolling fields of horses, beautiful tall trees and surprise lakes.
5. Long nap afternoons.
6. Friends up the street.
7. Family coming to visit.
8. Checking things off a to-do list.
9. Finding a spare three minutes to blog, read others' blogs and check email. How are my days so full?
10. Whittling down the laundry piles.
11. Finding sales on things you need.
12. Dark chocolate and a Diet Coke.

What makes you happy?


The Blake Family said...

Memories of days gone by, the dishes done, watching a little boy sleep peacefully, a smile and a surprise kiss and hug from a little someone, having my husband home, a beautiful sunset, a colorful rainbow, and good friends being simply a blog away! What a gift God gives us in these little things that bring a smile and a happy feeling inside!! Thanks for sharing your moments of happiness, Stephanie.

Rife Wife said...

Fresh cut grass, fresh cut hay (can you tell I'm a farm girl), little boys laughter, smiles, baby boys taking bottles, a closet organized, finding something on sale, a letter in the mail, walks, reading about others happiness, coffee AND FRIENDS a subdivision over.

Susan said...

Finding that my sister has not only updated her blog but has read mine.

Also...listening to my two boys play together, eating dinner as a family, a warm & sunny day, vanilla lattes, invitations that arrive via the good old USPS, new words.

Leslie said...

Michael gives hugs now! He had been withholding for so long, it makes me really appreciate them now! And Cherry Coke Zero is awesome...with some Chocolate Reisen Candies...Oh Yeah Baby!