Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Can't Make It Up

This afternoon, while watering the plants and one stretch of sod, Wyatt decided to get wet. No big surprise except that he stayed at it for a solid 45 minutes and didn't go gradually. Nope, my kid started by sticking his head under the sprayer about a half-inch from the nozzle and proceeded to soak himself from stem to stern.


Tonight at dinner, Wyatt was playing with his spoon (his utensils never end the meal being used in an appropriate manner) by spinning it on the table. It - of course - spun off which made Millie scramble out of the way. It's a lot of commotion for a simple spoon dropping, so I said in an exaggerated tone, "uh oh!" Wyatt looked at me in all seriousness and said, "happens."


On our way upstairs for the bedtime routine, I told him that I was going to vacuum after he got in bed and not to be upset when he heard it. So I did the whole kit and kaboodle with the bath, dried his hair, brushed his teeth, applied lotion and powder, wrestled him into pajamas, read six books and put him in his crib, saying the same blessing I say every night. Immediately after we said the word "peace" together, I told him I loved him and to sleep tight. He looked at me and said, "bye bye, mom mom. Bacuum." I cracked up! By that point, I had completely forgotten my vacuuming intentions but my little elephant-minded boy had not.


The Blake Family said...

Sorry for your technical troubles...those stink. Love the "bacuum"...sounds like Wyatt and Jackson say vacuum the same way and are great little reminders when it comes to vacuuming, as Jackson reminds me too! How funny!

Laurie said...

Reading this blog just made my morning! Wyatt seems to be a non-stop source of entertainment for y'all. Give him big hugs from me!
Lots of love to you all.

Mom said...

I can't wait to have a conversation with Wyatt.

Lisa said...

Very cute!! I totally thought of this post yesterday when I threw some stuff on the bed and it caused a basket on toys on the other side to bounce off. Nathan looked at me and in a very serious and firm tone told me "we don't throw things mom."