Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tech Support?

For days - maybe a week? - I have tried posting some pictures to this little thing I like to call my blog. They're really cute, the pictures that is, and I bet you can guess the subject. But every time I click on the 'upload now' button, my internet connection is terminated to the point that I have to reset my router. This is A. NOY. ING! So instead of getting to show you how cute Wyatt and Isaac look in Japanese warrior headbands, I'm left with the sinking feeling that either my computer or my whole house's wiring needs to be replaced. Why can't it all just get along?

And also, I really wanted to show you a picture of the wildlife we rescued this morning. It seems the nest in the dryer vent (halfway up the side of our house, of course) must be getting full because this is day three of finding a baby bird laying on the ground. The first two were dead (and are currently creating an unpleasant stench in our trash) but this one has more feathers, two little curious eyes and a bright yellow beak. After about seven calls to various agencies, we finally found someone who told us to line a plastic dish with toilet paper, nail it to the nearest tree and put the bird inside. Apparently the mom will still take care of it. Here's hoping the survival of this one can atone for the loss of the other two.

If I can get the computer and blogger to quit fighting, I'll provide a little illustration for your enjoyment, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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