Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lions & Tigers, No Bears, Oh My!

Jeff had yesterday off so it was the perfect chance to check out our local slice of zoological paradise with Isaac and his family. While it was complete with the requisite zoo residents - lions, tigers, monkeys (not as many of those as we'd hoped), giraffe, gazelles, zebras, etc. - we seemed to fixate on the more pedestrian things being offered.

Above left: body language says it all - this kid can't get close enough.

Right: Wyatt attempting to communicate with the elephants. Apparently they speak different dialects because not one pachyderm answered his call.

L: Boys riding a fierce bronze rhino. R: Wyatt communicating with a rare goose, like the ones we have in our neighborhood.

L: One of my favorite moments: peacocks jumping the fence. This one was the second escapee, notice number three poised in the tall grass ready for his freedom. I also learned that a peacock's call sounds strangely feline.

R: Wyatt and a giant tortoise. Apparently it's really fun to stand under a bronze animal statue.

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Laurie said...

I love these pictures. I know y'all must have had so much fun!
I miss y'all!